Building the MCU of SaaS.

Late last year, I set out on a challenge – to ship 12 projects in 2024.

So far, 4 out of 12 projects are completed.

Here’s a timeline:

January 2024:
– Project 1 – SaaS Boilerplates

February 2024:
– Project 2 – SaaS Chatbots

Mar 2024 – Apr 2024:
– Life happened.

May 2024:
– Project 3 – SaaS Submit
– Project 4 – SaaS Logos

I’ve decided to evolve this challenge into “building the MCU of SaaS”.

There will still be 12 projects coming, but now I have a theme to it.

Introducing SaaS Gems – the premier network of SaaS directories and resources.

Just like the Marvel universe has its Infinity Gems, SaaS Gems is going to be a network of gems.

This has been a work-in-progress over the past 1.5 years, and I’m excited to continue this journey.

To date – more than 15,000+ people have found these resources helpful.

I’ve received a lot of support from the community & I’m thankful.

And even though I’m not making a lot of money from these projects, they still feel purposeful to me.

I’m just happy to work on cool projects and impact people in some positive way.

That’s what gets me up in the morning to keep going.

These are the “gems” I’ve launched so far:

1 – SaaS AI Tools – A directory of SaaS AI tools

2 – SaaS Boilerplates – A directory of boilerplates and starter kits

3 – SaaS Chatbots – A directory of AI customer support chatbots

4 – SaaS Prompts – A collection of ChatGPT prompts for your SaaS product

5 – SaaS Bookshelf – A collection of useful books for SaaS founders

6 – SaaS Logos – A logo design service for SaaS founders

7 – SaaS Submit – A SaaS directory submission service

8 – AI Forums – A community forum for AI solopreneurs & enthusiasts

& many more on the way!

I’ve scrapped many projects already, because failure is something to expect when you’re in the ring.

Next week, I will launch another 1 – 2 gems to this network.

These gems are designed to be helpful to you, as a founder/maker.

If you’re interested in following along, I post updates on X / Twitter.