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  • Neil Roy
    DTC enabler

    Very well researched set of prompts, definitely using it for our upcoming marketing projects.

  • Miguel Anticona

    Your work is impeccable, thank you very much for the quality of your content. I will continue to visit your content!

  • Aditi Shah
    Building Patr

    Couldn't have come across this at a better time. Seems like a great addition to my existing collection of ChatGPT resources!

  • Brady Lewis
    Building GAIM Network

    This is absolutely fantastic. There are so many awesome tools being released right and left that I forget about 95% of them. I will be using this all the time! Congrats on the launch.

  • Jason Derekis
    AI Enthusiast

    Hey Bren, congrats on the launch, this is a brilliant resource. There's indeed so many directories now, this was desperately needed IMO!

  • Mary Kh
    Head of UX | Artist

    That is a tremendous work contributing to the community, thank you. Everyone MUST SEE!

  • Dao Le

    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for sharing your valuable resources with me. Your ChatGPT prompt, books, AI Tools have been incredibly helpful in my journey of learning.

  • C.A Tardecilla
    Data Driven Content Creator

    Great job, @brenkinfa In a world that can be so busy and overwhelming, it's truly impressive how you manage to take on and complete so many projects. Keep up the amazing work!

  • @paulsbeeper

    I just saw SaaS Bookshelf on Product Hunt and absolutely loved it; great idea & such clean execution.

  • Masha Plotkina
    Co-founder & CEO Quinky

    I appreciate the effort put into compiling this list and breaking down the potential use cases into different categories.

  • Hossein Yazdi
    Founder of branition.com

    Great UI, great books, and most importantly a great idea.

  • Doğukan Tezcan
    Buidl @TransferChain

    Really useful resource, thanks for your compilations!

  • Vinay Sharma
    Co-founder @ Creator Stock

    Really helpful tool for anyone who's looking to use AI.

  • Maya A
    Data Scientist

    Thanks for sharing this!! Super cool, and will check it out and share my product on the various recourses you have provided!

  • Charles Shiro
    Love the latest SaaS products

    This is the tool I've been looking for.

  • Pistakkio Marketing
    Pistakkio - SEO agency

    I’ve followed Bren since his first launch at the end of Nov 2022 and he’s a great professional marketer and growth hacker. Thanks for this side project.