Shipping 12 projects in 2024

Hey, I’m Bren Kinfa 👋 I’m on a personal challenge to ship 12 side projects this year. This page documents my journey.

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Current Status

What's this about?

Thanks for checking this out 😊
I’ve decided to challenge myself to ship 12 projects in the next 12 months.
This concept isn’t anything new or revolutionary. There are many others who have done it before. However, my little twist on it is that it’s a focus on side projects – not startups.

This website is where I’ll track my progress and hold myself accountable.

Why though?

This is more than just a challenge; it’s a journey of personal growth.
I’m doing this to:
Break free from permission – I don’t need someone else’s permission to create something. This challenge is my way to push against that resistance.
Overcome fear of exposure – I have a fear of sharing my work and putting myself out there. It’s an area I want to improve in.
Embrace criticism – Sure, not everyone will love what I do, and that’s fine. I need to get comfortable with this.
Improve skills – I will need to leverage existing skills and learn new skills in order to pull this off. I consider this to be part of the process.

Rules & guidelines

I’ve laid out some ground rules to keep this challenge manageable:
Ship on my own terms – There’s no set schedule. While the aim is 12 projects in 12 months, they won’t necessarily roll out one per month. Flexibility is key!
Freedom in creation – The definition of a ‘side project’ is broad. It’s anything I choose to create and bring to life. For now, I plan on shipping directory websites, info products, and resource libraries.
Move at my own pace – I’ll be moving at a pace that suits me and my current skill level, steering clear of unnecessary pressure.

Can I join too?

I’d love to encourage others to partake in a “12 Challenge” of their own.
Build anything you want. There’s no limits or restrictions. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown startup. Your side project can be defined on your own terms. Examples: An essay. A podcast. A painting. An article.
Move at your own pace. You could do 1 project each month. Or 3 projects in a month. It’s up to you. The only criteria is that you ship 12 projects.

How can I stay updated?

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