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SaaS Gems is the MCU for SaaS – the premier resource network sharing curated SaaS resources to help founders level up in business and life.

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SaaS Names

Buy & sell SaaS domain names

SaaS AI Tools

Discover generative SaaS AI tools

SaaS Boilerplates

Discover the best SaaS boilerplates

SaaS Chatbots

Discover the best SaaS support chatbots

SaaS Prompts

Discover 500+ useful SaaS AI prompts

SaaS Bookshelf

Discover 100+ SaaS books with key takeaways

SaaS Designer

Unlimited UX/UI design for SaaS startups

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Discover different SaaS business ideas

Recent thoughts

Building the MCU of SaaS.

Just like the Marvel universe has its Infinity Gems, SaaS Gems is going to be a network of gems.

May 19, 2024

I’m shipping 12 projects in 2024

Learn why I’m doing 12 projects in 12 months.

December 12, 2023

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Neil Roy

DTC enabler

Very well researched set of prompts, definitely using it for our upcoming marketing projects.

Miguel Anticona


Your work is impeccable, thank you very much for the quality of your content. I will continue to visit your content!

Aditi Shah

Building Patr

Couldn’t have come across this at a better time. Seems like a great addition to my existing collection of ChatGPT resources!

Brady Lewis

Building GAIM Network

This is absolutely fantastic. There are so many awesome tools being released right and left that I forget about 95% of them. I will be using this all the time! Congrats on the launch.

Jason Derekis

AI Enthusiast

Hey Bren, congrats on the launch, this is a brilliant resource. There’s indeed so many directories now, this was desperately needed IMO!

Mary Kh

Head of UX | Artist

That is a tremendous work contributing to the community, thank you. Everyone MUST SEE!

Dao Le


I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for sharing your valuable resources with me. Your ChatGPT prompt, books, AI Tools have been incredibly helpful in my journey of learning.

C.A Tardecilla

Data Driven Content Creator

Great job, @brenkinfa In a world that can be so busy and overwhelming, it’s truly impressive how you manage to take on and complete so many projects. Keep up the amazing work!


I just saw SaaS Bookshelf on Product Hunt and absolutely loved it; great idea & such clean execution.

Masha Plotkina

Co-founder & CEO Quinky

I appreciate the effort put into compiling this list and breaking down the potential use cases into different categories.

Hossein Yazdi

Founder of branition.com

Great UI, great books, and most importantly a great idea.

Doğukan Tezcan

Buidl @TransferChain

Really useful resource, thanks for your compilations!

Vinay Sharma

Creator Stock

Really helpful tool for anyone who’s looking to use AI.

Maya A

Data Scientist

Thanks for sharing this!! Super cool, and will check it out and share my product on the various recourses you have provided!

Charles Shiro

Love the latest SaaS products

This is the tool I’ve been looking for.

Pistakkio Marketing

Pistakkio – SEO agency

I’ve followed Bren since his first launch at the end of Nov 2022 and he’s a great professional marketer and growth hacker. Thanks for this side project.

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